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Story Representation Mechanism and Context 2011, Workshop to be held in Conjunction with ACM MM 2011


Story, Representation, Mechanism and Context 2011

Narrative underlies many of our digital interactions. It delivers wonderment, engagement and excitement around digital artifacts. It allows the expression of experiences from moments captured in photos, audio or video content. It is present when we engage with the media, choose to share and disseminate multimedia or aggregate content into new forms and representations. The construction of successful digital stories relies on a careful balance of form and function and draws on expertise from several domains. The delivery of a multimedia structure for story can incorporate social network, content analysis, multimedia indexing, knowledge presentation and semantics, as well as digital story models. Finally, its presentation blends aesthetics, art, interactive system design, and visualization.

The theory and practice of how people and machines can create, represent, share and understand stories offers an unlimited wealth of insight into impactful multimedia system design. The premise of this workshop is that better understanding of storytelling abilities by people and machines is necessary for the development of more compelling, participatory and sustainable multimedia systems

This half-day workshop will foster discussion on issues related to story generation, representation, discovery and understanding. We invite regular and position papers as well as demonstrations or posters (accompanied by descriptive papers) on relevant topics. More information can be found in the Call for Papers.

Important Dates

  • June 19th 2011 Extended: July 11th 2011: Submission deadline.
  • July 6th 2011: Register Paper for Workshop Submission
  • July 30th 2011 August 12th 2011: Notification of acceptance.
  • September 5th 2011: Camera-ready submission deadline